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"What is a Four Sigma Food? I've never heard of it!"

The name "Four Sigma" comes from math. Kinda geeky way to name a company, but it happens that normal distribution is proven to be extremely accurate across several sciences, including natural sciences. When we compare the nutrient-density of all known species they also form a bell shape around the mean. When we look at the top edible species we notice that they are quite precisely four full standard deviations above the mean. In math terms this means that these food are four sigma and that they are more nutritious than 99.9999% of their brothers and sisters. There’s absolutely no hate against the rest, but it does prove that these guys pack a punch.

"Why would I choose Four Sigma Foods? Is this yet another supplement?"

After several years of personal experimenting we got sick of using pills and superfoods that don’t create noticeable results, and which were also often very awkward to use. So we scratched our own itch! Now and in the future all our Four Sigma Foods aim to hit the Triple E (Effective, Easy and Environmental). We want to bring you super-simple health foods that deliver concrete results in an ecological way. We're sure many of you could use something like that too to sustainably battle against all the contemporary challenges we encounter daily.

"Who is behind Four Sigma Foods? Are you a bunch of lizards?"

Four Sigma Foods Ltd. is a privately owned company registered in England & Wales, which is managed by a parent company called LUONTOlife Limited registered in Hong Kong. Most of the 20 people of our current team are all born or raised in Finland (aka The Land of Thousands of Lakes), but we happen to live all over the world. We're a diverse group of grounded hippies, former athletes, busy business people, and normal geezers trying to fight against some nasty modern diseases. This is our passion and we hope that one day this could also bring (super)food to our own table too. Thanks for being part of our journey!